Comet Cats

Role: Music, Sound Design, Adaptive Music Implementation

Comet Cats is a cute game of cats working together to literally reach the stars. Ergo, the sound design is full of fun rewarding chimes and cute *boinks* along with some pretty hilarious cat sounds. The music in Comet Cats is interesting, as I created a system in which layers of music stack on top of the initial starting track, creating more complexity and voices as the player progresses their score higher. As the player gets closer to reaching space, the music fades into an atmospheric, spacey version of the initial theme.

When a shooting star flies by Scarlet the cat and all her friends, what do they do? Why, they jump on top of each other and climb into space, of course!
Throw cats into a box, stick them together by color, and build an enormous tower of cats to chase after shooting stars!Stack your cats, race against the clock, and collect stars! Use your stars to unlock new cats and accessories to play with! How ridiculous of a cat tower can you build?

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