DX Control

Role: Music

DX Control is inspired by the earliest generations of videogames. Likewise, the music for the game takes a similar approach, intentionally setting limitations on the number of voices and timbres. To compensate, the complexity and interest of the music lies in the contrapuntal interplay that forms evolving rhythmic and harmonic structures between the few voices. 

It is the distant future–the year is 2014. For many years earth has been at peace, but today an army of alien creatures known as The Solenoids have invaded. All of earth’s defense systems have been destroyed except for Defense Station Dx Control. Command the station, and save the earth. … 谢谢你,祝你玩得开心!

Use lasers, bombs, and pulses to stop waves of foes. Fight hard for the hardest won highest score. Good luck!

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