Smash Crusaders

Role: Music & Sound Design

Personally, my favorite thing about Smash Crusaders is the breathtaking background artwork. Having so many different worlds that the player progresses through, I had the challenge of creating a different musical theme for each world. Overall, these various themes are all tied together by their cutesy and playful musical elements, along with certain subtle rhythmic and melodic motifs to keep everything musically cohesive.

Skillfully smash bricks to earn points in SMASH CRUSADERS: an endless runner where you must get the highest score possible before losing all your lives! Quickly slide the paddle to keep the ball in play; building your combo with each hit! You can grab some power-ups along the way to help out, but be careful! That little round knight seems to keep getting faster…

-Beautiful, scrolling levels with dynamically generated obstacles

-Simple, yet engaging gameplay that will test your reflexes

-Unique power-ups that can help (or hinder) your progress

-Satisfying combos, high scores, and fast-paced bonus rounds

-Special records screen that lets you view your best scores and other achievements

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