Hi! I’m a technical sound designer & composer for video games. I make weird noises and put them in games.

For me, video games are the greatest medium of art. I find the potential of interactive experiences to be incredibly enticing when considering the limitless combinations of varied disciplines such as design, writing, visual art, and—of course—audio.

I’m driven by finding ways that sound design and music can reinforce each of these disciplines. Whether it’s  world-building, conveying character, helping to guide gameplay, heightening an emotional response, or improving game feel, there are countless ways that audio can immensely augment an experience for a player, both through asset design as well as implementation. 

My soundscapes are catered uniquely to each project. Because of this, I like to work with developers who are motivated, organized, collaborative, and open to exploring new ideas that will make the most out of these benefits. There are few things more inspiring to me than the collaborative process that sparks between a team of skilled individuals, each contributing their knowledge and individual assets to a product bigger than the sum of its parts. 

If you’re curious about what I do, or just want to ask me something about game audio, feel free to contact me!