(Something you should know of me:
Don’t hire me for poetry)

I’m a game audio nerd,
Making noise
For whoever enjoys.

I enjoy the absurd,
Though I adore
Good story and lore.

I love technical sound;
Implementation, integration,
Formation, and presentation
Of all the pieces moving around
To make dynamic audio modifications.


I love to collaborate
With a team that elaborates
On the things (*rustle rustle swish*)
That bring (*flap*)
An experience that congratulates
A player’s engagement
In a story; (*tick*)
In a world; (*tick*)
In a good time; (*tick*)
In a bad time; (*tick*)
In a fantasy; (*tick*)
In a history; (*tick click*)
In sound (*click ding*)

If you’re curious about what I do, want to ask me something about game audio, or just want to nerd out, feel free to contact me