Hi! I’m a freelance technical sound designer & composer for video games. For me, videogames are the greatest medium of art. There’s so much potential locked in the endless combinations of storytelling, design, modelling, animation, and of course, audio.

Videogames are the ideal medium to me because they combine my passion for music and sound design with my love and appreciation for all these other diverse art forms to create endless possibilities of experiences. I’m enamoured by the numerous ways in which developers are innovating and rethinking what games can be. The amount of variation coming out of the game development community today spans social justice, therapy both physical and mental, interactive narrative, mixed reality experiences, and so much more.

There are few things more inspiring than the collaborative process that sparks between a team of skilled individuals, each contributing their knowledge and individual assets to a product bigger than themselves. As a member of the game audio community, I love being a part of this revolutionary development. It allows me to use my skills to reinforce the strongest core features of a game.

My sound palettes are catered uniquely to each project. I use sound and music to drive story, identify characters, increase interactive player feedback, add detail and immersion to the game world, and heighten emotional response from players. I like to work with developers who are motivated, organized, collaborative, and open to exploring new ideas. 

If you’re curious about what I do, or just want to ask me something about game audio, feel free to contact me!