DX Control

Role: Music

DX Control is inspired by the earliest generations of videogames. Likewise, the music for the game takes a similar approach, intentionally setting limitations on the number of voices and timbres. To compensate, the complexity and interest of the music lies in the contrapuntal interplay that forms evolving rhythmic and harmonic structures between the few voices. 

It is the distant future–the year is 2014. For many years earth has been at peace, but today an army of alien creatures known as The Solenoids have invaded. All of earth’s defense systems have been destroyed except for Defense Station Dx Control. Command the station, and save the earth. … 谢谢你,祝你玩得开心!

Use lasers, bombs, and pulses to stop waves of foes. Fight hard for the hardest won highest score. Good luck!

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Comet Cats

Role: Music, Sound Design, Adaptive Music Implementation

Comet Cats is a cute game of cats working together to literally reach the stars. Ergo, the sound design is full of fun rewarding chimes and cute *boinks* along with some pretty hilarious cat sounds. The music in Comet Cats is interesting, as I created a system in which layers of music stack on top of the initial starting track, creating more complexity and voices as the player progresses their score higher. As the player gets closer to reaching space, the music fades into an atmospheric, spacey version of the initial theme.

When a shooting star flies by Scarlet the cat and all her friends, what do they do? Why, they jump on top of each other and climb into space, of course!
Throw cats into a box, stick them together by color, and build an enormous tower of cats to chase after shooting stars!Stack your cats, race against the clock, and collect stars! Use your stars to unlock new cats and accessories to play with! How ridiculous of a cat tower can you build?

Smash Crusaders

Role: Music & Sound Design

Personally, my favorite thing about Smash Crusaders is the breathtaking background artwork. Having so many different worlds that the player progresses through, I had the challenge of creating a different musical theme for each world. Overall, these various themes are all tied together by their cutesy and playful musical elements, along with certain subtle rhythmic and melodic motifs to keep everything musically cohesive.

Skillfully smash bricks to earn points in SMASH CRUSADERS: an endless runner where you must get the highest score possible before losing all your lives! Quickly slide the paddle to keep the ball in play; building your combo with each hit! You can grab some power-ups along the way to help out, but be careful! That little round knight seems to keep getting faster…

-Beautiful, scrolling levels with dynamically generated obstacles

-Simple, yet engaging gameplay that will test your reflexes

-Unique power-ups that can help (or hinder) your progress

-Satisfying combos, high scores, and fast-paced bonus rounds

-Special records screen that lets you view your best scores and other achievements

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Colosseum Coach

Role: Music, Sound Design, Audio Implementation

For Colosseum Coach, I was able to let loose writing in a fun chiptune style. I also designed a vertical remixing system for the music to work with the game. In this way, different sections of the game feel like one continuous piece of music, though different layers of the music transition in and out in order to suit various game states. The slew of different weapons available to the player as they progressed allowed for a large variety of combat sound effects. The best part of working on this game, however, was the opportunity to create the calls for each of the unique monsters.


Takeover Trail

Role: Music & Sound Design

Takeover Trail’s visual design was done in a comic book pop-art style. With this in mind, I looked towards classic TV superhero intros and secret agent movie/television themes to get inspiration for the music. Sound Design plays a huge role in supporting the interface and providing player feedback as they keep track of the numerous variables that impede their ability to take over the world.

Times are hard, and every day is a struggle. With society slowly falling apart it seems like we’re bound for utter chaos. But things don’t have to be this way… You can unite the world! You have the power as a leader to weed out the unruly behavior of your followers and to unify all countries in the world into one giant utopia!
Of course, no leader had an easy ride bringing those in their nations under rule. Quell the revolutionaries that rise up against you in the form of rebellions! Rule with an iron fist and sway the people of the world to your side with force, but also use propaganda, social media, and religion to reign over the minds of the masses!

It’s up to you to push your way to the top, so don’t stop until the whole world is yours!

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