Smash Crusaders

Music & Sound Design

Skillfully smash bricks to earn points in SMASH CRUSADERS: an endless runner where you must get the highest score possible before losing all your lives! Quickly slide the paddle to keep the ball in play; building your combo with each hit! You can grab some power-ups along the way to help out, but be careful! That little round knight seems to keep getting faster…


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Takeover Trail

Sound Design & Music


Times are hard, and every day is a struggle. With society slowly falling apart it seems like we’re bound for utter chaos. But things don’t have to be this way… You can unite the world! You have the power as a leader to weed out the unruly behavior of your followers and to unify all countries in the world into one giant utopia!

Of course, no leader had an easy ride bringing those in their nations under rule. Quell the revolutionaries that rise up against you in the form of rebellions! Rule with an iron fist and sway the people of the world to your side with force, but also use propaganda, social media, and religion to reign over the minds of the masses!

It’s up to you to push your way to the top, so don’t stop until the whole world is yours!

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