“Working with this passionate young man was inspirational. Joe has skills refined to a sharp detail. His attitude to his work, life and friendships are something that every team needs to share.”

Thomas J Wolland (Sound Designer | Supermassive Games)

“Joe is an extremely versatile and talented sound designer and composer. His strong knowledge allows him to always fit the style that is needed. His SFX also sound absolutely fantastic. In addition to being talented, he is also a very positive individual who made our working environment much more pleasant. I would love to work again with Joe in the future.”


Ian Clinkenbeard (Engineer | Zapdot, Inc.)

“Joe is one of the best audio designers I’ve ever worked with. Joe was always incredibly responsive . . . he seamlessly adjusted to our workflow and documentation style, maximizing our work time together . . . I could not be happier with the way the audio in Slime Break turned out!”

Sam Luangkhot (Community Manager | Otherside Entertainment)

“I have difficulty explaining my thoughts on anything sound or music related. Joe was able to bridge that gap extremely effectively and walk through changes with the team and I, interpreting and translating what we meant to what he could produce.

Joe is also able to manage the team he’s working for really well . . . he was able to stay on top of our team and three others when it came to getting audio requests in and done. If he was ever stressed from the pressure, it didn’t show; he handled everything with apparent ease.”

Tyler Haddad  (Founder | Gamecraft, Psychoactive Entertainment)